The transgender couple whose viral pregnancy pictures

The transgender couple whose viral pregnancy pictures

The transgender couple whose viral pregnancy pictures

Social media users are sharing a pregnancy photo session by an Indian transgender couple who stopped their hormone medication to have a child.

Living in the southern state of Kerala, Ziya Paval, 21, and her partner Zahad, 23, were undergoing gender transition when they chose to become parents.

Ms. Paval, who claims she has always desired to have children.

On their social media platforms, the pair has received a flood of congratulations.

Transgender actress S Negha wrote on Ms. Paval’s Instagram post, where she had posted the images, “Trans people deserve family.”

Since “no one else has proclaimed themselves a biological parent in the transgender community as far as we know,” Ms. Paval and Mr. Zahad claim that their experience may be unique in India.

Activists claim that there are more transgender people in India than the stated two million. They are entitled to the same rights as people of other genders, according to a 2014 ruling by India’s Supreme Court.

They still encounter prejudice and stigma and struggle to get access to healthcare and education.

At a transsexual community centre, she took dance lessons. She currently instructs pupils in the district of Kozhikode.

Mr. Zahad, an accountant by training, comes from a Christian family in the city of Thiruvananthapuram’s fishing neighbourhood. He is currently employed with a grocery store.

After revealing his transsexual identity to his family, he had abandoned them. However, after he got pregnant, his family has welcomed and supported the pair.

They are supporting Zahad during her pregnancy, according to Ms. Paval.

The couple was initially urged to keep the pregnancy private by Mr. Zahad’s mother. Following her consent, they made the announcement last week on their Instagram page.

According to Ms. Paval, her family has yet to change.

When they were both in different stages of their gender transition, the couple decided to conceive a kid one and a half years ago, Ms. Paval told the BBC.

On the recommendation of their doctors, the couple ceased the hormone therapy because Mr.

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