Pictures of red carpet attire

Pictures of red carpet attire

Pictures of red carpet attire

Prior to the main event, where they are scheduled to perform, Sam Smith and his color-coordinated

Arriving in a blue gown covered in sequins and exposing her midriff, Taylor Swift shone.

Before the ceremony this year, the singer received four nominations, including song of the year for the enlarged, re-recorded version of All Too Well.

Despite six nominations, she has never before taken home that award. perhaps this is her year

As It Was by Harry Styles is among the front-runners for song of the year.

The northern Englishman arrived wearing fashionable patchwork dungarees, his inkwork on display.

On Sunday night, Styles and R ‘n’B legend Mary J. Blige will perform on the Grammys stage.

Most of the night’s top awards, including album and record of the year, were up for grabs, and Brandi Carlile was one of them.

The singer-songwriter in a suit and boots underlined how she had achieved success by disregarding her mother’s advice as she accepted an early award for best rock performance.

She added with a smile, “Mom, I have to thank you for instructing me to stop singing so loudly since I obviously ignored it like I ignored everything you ever ordered me to do.

However, I recently won a Grammy for a rock and roll song that I sincerely created, learned how to shout, and cropped my hair.

Elvis Costello, like many self-respecting rock artists, donned sunglasses indoors when performing on his record.

Shania Twain, a five-time Grammy winner, arrived in a “fun” polka-dot outfit and a towering hat by British-American fashion designer Harris Reed. Her hair matched the red carpet.

The country music diva stated that her plans included “getting a couple embraces in from a few of my favourites, and simply getting up there and presenting best country album.


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