Nigerian presidential hopeful Peter Obi vows to fight

Nigerian presidential hopeful Peter Obi vows to fight corruption. The former governor, who polls suggest is leading a crowded field, prioritises security above rivals with more recognisable names.

Nigerian presidential hopeful Peter Obi vows to fightIf he is elect  president of Nigeria in next month’s election, Peter Obi h but to eradicate pervasive corruption and insecurity from the continent’s most populous country. During a lecture on Monday at the Chatham House international affairs think tank. London, Obi, one of 18 candidates vying. Nigeria’s highest post, referred to his nation as “a failed state” in need of fresh political leadership.dramacool2


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We are stuck in this horrible underdevelopment and misery unless we change the politics by changing the political leadership, declar Obi, a former governor of the southeastern state of Anambra and candidate for the Labour Party of Nigeria.

Despite their opponents’ greater name recognition, Bola Tinubu of the ruling party and Atiku Abubakar of the main opposition, Obi is currently leading the crowded field in polls. Abubakar was a former vice president, and. Tinubu served as the governor of Lagos State. In 2019, Obi served as the People’s Democratic Party’s running mate for Abubakar.

Political observers have termed the February 25 vote to replace President Muhammadu Buhari after eight years in charge as a make-or-break exercise. Since campaigning began late last year, other leading contenders have made vows similar to Obi’s. Atiku Nigerian presidential hopeful has promised to “save Nigeria,” while Tinubu has claimed he wants to “renew hope.”

Obi promised to hold talks with secessionists on Monday but enact a number of security measures. Prticularly in the unrest-ridden north where armed gangs have killed thousands of people in the previous year.

These adjustments might influence the enormous diaspora communities but Nigeria to think about coming back and contributing to progress, he said.

What you have witness is the result of years of leadership failure, which would be resolv by strong governance, he said. “All those things will start to reverse when people perceive justice, fairness, and inclusive government. Nigerians are willing to return if they can discover that they have a home country to return to.

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