Indonesia court hearing into children killed by toxic cough syrup

Indonesia court hearing into children killed by toxic cough syrup. Since last year, 200 children have died in Indonesia from acute renal injury, while The Gambia and Uzbekistan have both reported numerous occurrences of acute kidney injury connected to cough syrup.

Indonesia court hearing into children killed by toxic cough syrup

In an Indonesian court that has begun hearing their class-action case against governmental organisations and pharmaceutical corporations. the families of Indonesian children who died after ingesting toxic cough syrup have requested compensation dramacool2.

Authorities in Indonesia reported that two hazardous chemicals, ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol, which are present in several syrup-based paracetamol treatments, have been related to 200 pa ediatric acute kidney injury deaths since last year.


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In response to the deaths and injuries of the children. Families have filed lawsuits against the Indonesian health and finance ministries. The nation’s medicines authority, and at least eight pharmac eutical firms. Awan Puryadi, an attorney for the families. Stated to the Reuters news agency on Tuesday that his clients sought damages of up to 3.4 billion rupiah ($224,570).

The 25 families are suing 11 parties, including the Indonesian ministry of health, the nation’s food and drug agency. As well as pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses and suppliers, according . Jessica Washington of Al Jazeera, who was reporting from Jakarta. According to Washington. The families are now demanding an explanation for what happened to their kids. They also want financial compensation for any children who died or were injur severely.

It’s been a very trying day for these families but they must consider what happened to their kids after they drank cough syrup contaminated with ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol. Which are typically us but the production of paints and dyes and which can only be safely consum in very small doses, accord to Washington.

The two chemicals are also used as a less expensive substitute for glycerine, a solvent or thickening agent in many cough syrups, in some medicinal goods. They are utilised in antifreeze, brake fluids, and other industrial applications. Additionally hazardous, the chemicals have the potential to cause acute renal impairment.

Jessica Washington of Al Jazeera’s Jakarta bureau reported that . amilies are suing 11 parties, including the Indonesian government’s ministry of health, the nation’s food and drug agency, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing firms and suppliers. According.

Washington, the families are now dema nding an explanation for what happened to their children, and they are also asking for financial compensation for both the children who peri shed and those who suffered permanent damage.

I hope that everyone involv be held accou ntable for the condit that to the deaths and ongo illness of the young people. Requests for fe edback from repre sentatives of the five pharmac eutical corporati ons and the finance mini stry went unanswered.

Three further busine sses could not be reach. In cont rast to the health min istry. Which decli ned to comment, the nation’s drug regulator stated that it would respect the ongoing legal procedure.

A variety of cough syrups haen outla wed in Indonesia. And numerous pha rmaceut ical companies are fa legal action because their products reportedly contain harmful subst ances.

The World Health Organization stated in October that tainted cough and cold syrups produced by an. Indian pharmace utical company may be responsible for the deaths of scores of children in. The Gambia who had kidney damage.

Indonesia court hearing WHO investigation suggesting that. Maiden Pharmaceuticals’ cough and cold syrups sold to The Gambia may be associat with child fatalities. Indian health authorities later announc that they had halt all production at the New Delhi-based company.

Indonesia court hearing eopened its inquiry into the deaths of 18 youngsters in. Uzbekistan who ing ested but Indian-produced cough medication in December. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). The nat ion’s drug regulating body, was in contact with its counterpart in. Uzbekistan about the occurrence, according to the health min istry of India.

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