French protests intensify against pension age rise

French protests intensify against pension age rise

French protests intensify against pension age rise

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, is facing a second wave of strikes and protests over his proposals to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

The strike, which has affected schools, public transportation, and oil refineries, is being participated in by eight major unions.

Hundreds of thousands of people are participating in marches around France after the first day of protests drew more than a million participants.

There have been more people in several cities than on January 19.

Despite polls showing that two-thirds of French oppose the reforms.

Without a majority in the legislature, the administration.

Many of us already have shattered careers and would need to work much longer than men to have a full pension, according to Karima, 62, who held up a sign in Paris stressing how the government’s plans harm women much more severely than they harm men.

Only two of Paris’s driverless metro lines were operating normally, and only one in three high-speed trains were operating. On one of the main overground lines in the capital, there were reportedly large crowds.

Although the corporation claimed that the figure was far smaller, the CGT union claimed that at least three-quarters of employees had left the large TotalEnergies oil refineries and gasoline depots.

After workers at the major electrical firm EDF went on strike, power facilities reported decreased production.

In comparison to the government’s estimate of just over a quarter, one of the major teachers.

Any reform that makes people work longer hours would not be popular, but we were elected.

The measures, according to economist Prof. Philippe Aghion.

Eight big unions are taking part in the strike, which has disrupted schools, public transport and oil refineries.

Marches are taking place across France involving hundreds of thousands of people, after a first day of action attracted more than a million people.

Several cities have seen larger crowds than on 19 January.

The Macron government is pushing ahead with its pension age reforms in the face of opinion.

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