A discussion about class was sparked by a tote bag published yesterday

A discussion about class was sparked by a tote bag published yesterday

A discussion about class was sparked by a tote bag published yesterday

However, it does not count as luxury in status-conscious Singapore, where glittering malls are crowded with designer boutiques, and the original post, which has had more than 20 million views, swiftly prompted mocking comments.

One snide TikTokker quipped, “Calling this luxury is the same as calling a fast food joint fine dining.

The oldest of four daughters, Zoe, answered with an emotional video in response to a commenter

I did not have a lot in the post, which has been viewed more than six million times. My family wasn’t wealthy. Although a

This time, there was a resoundingly favourable response. Since then, Zoe’s TikTok followers have increased by over 200,000, and Charles & Keith and other companies have showered her with presents.

In addition to being encouraged by the internet support, Zoe, who immigrated to Singapore.

The discussion has spread to the highest levels of Singaporean politics, with Lawrence Wong.

Singapore has always been particularly concerned with maintaining racial and religious harmony because it is a multiracial, multicultural society that has seen racial riots. For individuals who hurt racial or religious sentiments, there are severe sanctions, including jail time.

However, a group promoting racial harmony in Singapore called OnePeople.sg commissioned a study in 2018 that suggested that the class.

The city-state, which is home to some of the highest-paid ministers in the world, is a location of stark contrasts, with gleaming condos and skyscraping facades only a short distance away from one-room rental homes occupied by elderly and working-class families. Contrary to what the movie Crazy Rich Asians suggests, not everyone can buy a Charles & Keith bag.

According to a National University of Singapore survey from the previous year, graduates.

Concerns about social inequality.

Ironically, despite the existence of the and the less fortunate,

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